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  1. Among other inaccuracies, Dr. Tormos states that voter turnout in the last general election from 80%+ to 55%. As a learned scholar, he knows that the alleged drop is patently false. A federal judge invalidating the section of Puerto Rico’s electoral code that requires the removal from the rolls those voters that don’t vote in a general election, ordered that around 400 to 500,000 voters be reinstated in the rolls, which increased the number of registered voters eligible to vote in 2016 by about 20 to 25%. As a matter of fact, hardly none of those reinstated voters participated in the 2016 election because they probably resides and vote in Florida or whatever state they moved to.

    If there was a numerical reduction in voters in 2016, in reality voter turnout may have dropped to the vicinity of 75%, but not 55%. Unfortunately, due to the court order, the State Elections Commission may not drop voters until they have missed voting in two consecutive general elections.

    Dr. Tormos owes his readers a correction and an apology. The 55% “fact” is a result of a judicially inflated voter list, not a 25-point reduction in voter turnout.

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