Student Readings: APSA Educate Resources and Strategies on Teaching the 2020 Presidential and U.S. National Elections

Political scientists share resources, reflections, and strategies to teach the 2020 Presidential and U.S. national elections. We have gathered these resources from Educate’s libraryRAISE the Vote, the Journal of Political Science Education and PS: Political Science and Politics.

Educate welcomes additional submissions around teaching and the 2020 election. To submit your own resource, click on “submit a resource” on the Educate website. If you would like to write a short blog post or reflection, please contact us at

Student Readings 

“Is There a Catholic Vote and Does it Matter?” Vincent Stine, (George Washington University)
Will Trump & Congressional Republicans Benefit from White Racial Attitudes in 2020?” Isaac Hale, (University of California), Davis Carlos Algara, (University of Texas, El Paso)
“Felon Disenfranchisement and American Democracy” Alice Malmberg (University of California, Santa Cruz)
“Racial Liberalism: Connecting Protest and Electoral Politics Today” Sanford F. Schram (City University of New York) and Richard Fording (University of Alabama)
“Bet Out the Vote: Prediction Markets as a Tool to Promote Undergraduate Political Engagement” Lukas Berg (United States Military Academy) and Major John Chambers (United States Military Academy)
“What You Need To Know About Election Polls” Eric Loepp (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater)
“The Cora Brown Lecture Series – American State & Local Government Course at Howard University” Keneshia N. Grant (Howard University)
Do (Nasty) Campaigns Mobilize? Alessandro Nai (University of Amsterdam)

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