Funding Political Science Research: Recipients of Centennial Center Research Grants and Small Research Grants Announced

Funding Political Science Research: Recipients of Centennial Center Research Grants and Small Research Grants Announced

The American Political Science Association (APSA) today announced a total of over $130,000 in funding for political science research. This includes Centennial Center Research Grants to be presented to 37 political scientists, and Small Research Grants presented to 17 political scientists all together representing 53 academic institutions.

The Centennial Center is home to thirteen donor-created funds, which support the research grant program. Each grant fund has a unique set of aims, including supporting international scholarship, electoral scholarship, and scholarship on race and gender. The Small Research Grants Program supports research conducted by political scientists in non-tenure track or contingent positions, and political science faculty of all ranks who are employed at community colleges or in departments that do not grant PhDs.

The grants awarded support projects focusing on a wide variety of topics, including research across all political science subfields, efforts to advance political science impact through public engagement, professional development opportunities, and scholarly collaboration around civically engaged research.

2020 Small Research Grant Recipients

Isabel Castillo Contingent – Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (Chile)
Evangelicals and the Repoliticization of Religion: Chile’s Constitutional Process in Comparative Perspective

Craig Lang– Franklin & Marshall College
The Impact of Transitional Justice on the Development of the Rule of Law in Post-Conflict States

Adam Myers– Providence College
Fiscal Federalism and State Taxation Policy in the Mid-Twentieth Century

Philip Rocco– Marquette University
Counting in a pandemic: how state and local officials shape census-taking during Covid-19

Kris-Stella Trump–University of Memphis
“Lazy Natives” and “Hard Working Immigrants”: Comparing the Impact of Deservingness Cues on Perceptions of Deservingness

Nicholas Micinski–Boston University
Migration Management and Democratic Governance in Africa

David Buckley–University of Louisville
Studying Security Service Responses to Religion in the Philippine Drug War

Laila Farooq– Institute of Business Administration (IBA, Pakistan)
Ties that Help or Ties that Restrain; The Effect of Advocacy Network Connections on the Peasants’ Movement Outcomes in Pakistan

Menevis Cilizoglu–St.Olaf College
Examination of Turkish Public Attitudes towards U.S. Sanctions

Rebecca Glazier– University of Arkansas, Little Rock
Online Teaching in Political Science in the Wake of COVID-19

Louise Davidson-Schmich–University of Miami 
The Alternative for Germany and Gendered Legislative Discourse

Edward Kammerer–Idaho State University
The Politics of New Pride

Laura Huber–Cornell University
Beyond `Thoughts and Prayers’: The Gendered Dimensions of Civilian Targeting and Support for Counterterrorism

Yesola Kweon–Utah State University
We See Symbols, But Not Saviors: Gender Representation and Political Attitudes of Pink-Collar Workers

Alena Wolflink- University of California, Santa Cruz
Claiming Value: From Aristotle to Black Lives Matter

Laura Grattan–Wellesley College
Race and the Radical Imagination in a Prison Nation

Debra Leiter–University of Missouri, Kansas City
The Crowding of Social Isolation: How Personal Relationships Shape Compliance with and Attitudes Towards Social Distancing Policies


2020 Centennial Center Grant Recipients

Centennial Fund:

Nadia Brown – Purdue University
Tabitha Bonilla – Northwestern University
#PSSistahScholar Zoom Meet-Up

Erica De Bruin – Hamilton College
The Causes and Consequences of Militarized Policing

Valerie de Koeijer – Johns Hopkins University
Local Government and International Influence on Disaster Relief Outcomes

Andres Gannon – University of California, San Diego
Interstate Security Alignments and the Distribution of Military Capabilities

Takiyah Harper-Shipman – Davidson College
Kira Tait – University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Overcoming Barriers: Transnational Black Womxn Scholars of African Politics Network

Monica Lineberger – University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Alyx Mark – Wesleyan University
Abigail A. Matthews – University of Buffalo SUNY
Women on Track: Cultivating Networks and Innovating Scholarship

Benjamin Marquez – University of Wisconsin, Madison
The Professionals:  Latinx Organizations in the Age of Grantmaking

Andrew Marshall – Georgetown University
Language Policy and the Nation in East Africa

Lauren Pinson – University of Pennsylvania
How Exposure to Gun Violence influences Perspectives on Gun Control

Abigail Post – Anderson University
Principled Positions: Rhetoric and Compromise in Foreign Policy

Matthew Simonson – Northeastern University
Shoot a Stranger, Save a Neighbor: Social Networks Under Fire

Janelle Wong – University of Maryland
Nadia Brown – Purdue University
Assessing Statements About and Addressing Structural Racism in Political Science

Edward Artinian Fund for Publishing: 

Suparna Chaudhry – Lewis & Clark College
Gender Violence and Public Attitudes towards Punishment

Jeong Hyu Kim – Louisiana State University
Yesola Kweon – Utah State University
Heuristic Cues and Leader Evaluations During a Public Health Crisis

Rebecca Ploof – The City College of New York, CUNY
“‘A Fruit of Every Clime’? Rousseau’s Environmental Politics”

Jian Xu – Emory University
Multinational Corporations’ Forum Shopping Behavior in Rights Protection

Marguerite Ross Barnett Fund

Ajenai Clemmons – Duke University
The Whats, Whys, and Whens Behind Civilian Assessment of Police

Kiela Crabtree – University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
Racially-Targeted Violence and Political Behavior in the United States

Rita Mae Kelly Fund

Sally Nuamah -Northwestern
How Public Perceptions Shape the Punishment of Black Girls

Alina Oxendine – Hamline University
Race and the Income Gap

Warren E. Miller Fund for Electoral Politics

Anna Gunderson – Louisiana State University
Laura Huber – Cornell University
Does Breaking the Brass Ceiling Improve Perceptions of Police?

Natalie Letsa – University of Oklahoma
The Autocratic Citizen: Partisanship and Political Behavior under Dictatorship

Daniela Osorio Michel – Vanderbilt) University
Gender bias in the Perceptions of Political Leadership

Yu-Hsien Sung – University of South Carolina
Prosecutorial policies: district attorneys, public opinion, and localized rule of law

William A. Steiger Fund for Legislative Studies

Eric Gonzalez Juenke – Michigan State University
Bernard Fraga – Indiana University
Paru Shah – University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Candidate Characteristics Cooperative Virtual Workshop

Michelle Jurkovich – University of Massachusetts- Boston
State Food Assistance Policies during COVID-19

Zoe Nemerever – University of California San Diego
Rural Representation Gaps in the American States

Emma Rosenberg – University of Notre Dame
Religious Rhetoric and Right-Wing Populist Parties in Central Europe

Andrea Vilan – Princeton University
Monitoring Treaty Incorporation

Women & Politics Fund

Soohyun Cho – Ohio State University
Female Protectionism: Women’s Rational Responses to the Gendered Labor Market

Amanda Edgell – University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa
Institutional Adaptation and Women’s Political Engagement Kenya

Alma Ostrom and Leah Hopkins Awan Civic Education Fund

Yelena Biberman-Ocakli – Skidmore College
Militarization, Education, and Attitudes toward Violence among Youth in Kashmir

Laura Jenkins – University of Cincinnati
Rina Verma Williams – University of Cincinnati
Women in Political Science: An Oral History Project

Karin Kitchens – Virginia Tech
Megan Stewart – American University
The Revolution Will Be Routine: Social Legacies of Contraband Camps

Euiyoung Noh – Vanderbilt University
Schooling and Political Engagement: A Natural Experiment in Korea

James Bryce Fund for Political Science

Juan Prieto Sanabria – Universidad de los Andes
Reaching Urban Outsiders in a Pandemic: COVID-19 Aid in Colombia

Huang Hsing Chun-tu Hsueh International Fellowship Fund

Seo Nyeong Jo – University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Gender Matters in the Judiciary: Adjudicating Sexual Assault in Korea

Jing Li – University of Delaware
Chinese Private Entrepreneurs and Economic Policymaking in China: Ways and Avenues


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