Mentored-Teaching Practicum: Collaborating to Improve Undergraduate Political Science Education

The Mentored-Teaching Practicum is a new collaboration between the Political Science Departments of the University of Houston and Rice University, and the Government Department of Houston Community College that offers advanced doctoral students a unique structured teaching and learning opportunity. The Mentor—an experienced college teacher—and select doctoral students will work together in the spring semester to learn about teaching today’s diverse learners and how course design and delivery can enhance student success. In this seminar participants will design an Introduction to American Government course based on effective teaching and learning practices, one that excites student interest by including cutting-edge political science research. During the summer semester participants will offer their courses as instructors-of-record for community college American Government classes (in person or online) while receiving structured feedback and support from the Mentor.  Graduate student participants in the Mentored-Teaching Practicum will gain strong preparation for the academic job market as they develop a teaching and learning toolkit, create and implement an Introduction to American Government course, and acquire instructional experience with diverse student populations.

Amount: $20,820