Call for Proposals: Teaching Political Science at a Community College

The American Political Science Association’s (APSA) Teaching and Learning Symposia Program is pleased to announce a call for proposals for a cohort of political scientists to participate in a three-week virtual teaching and learning symposium focused on teaching at a community college. APSA’s teaching and learning symposia provide a workshop environment where people with similar goals can come together to share their own practices and research related to teaching and create new teaching resources for their courses.

Teaching Political Science at a Community College

Every year, community college political science instructors labor to introduce the entire range of students to the study of politics. And so much more. Community College political science instructors introduce students to the discipline of political science and its subfields, set the stage for future researchers, connect students to the local and national political system, and prepare students to succeed in industry or a four year university. This symposium brings together scholars to share pedagogical tools/resources, discuss community college instruction, and to collaborate to develop new teaching materials, best practices, and other resources that strengthen political science community college instruction. This symposium is also sponsored by the APSA Committee on the Status of Community Colleges in the Profession.

Applicants must apply by June 1, 2022.

The goals of the symposium are three-fold:

  1. To provide an inclusive space where participants can build supportive relationships with other
    teacher-scholars who teach at community colleges.
  2. To present on and discuss important questions facing community college faculty.
  3. To develop new teaching resources for instructors teaching political science at a community
    college or introductory-level political science courses at four-year institutions.

Our summer 2022 Community College Teaching Symposium will be led by:

Read the full call for proposals and learn how to submit your proposal here.

Applicants must be active APSA members or can activate a free trial membership here. Funds are available for a limited number of small accessibility grants to support unemployed or furloughed scholars and/or scholars who do not receive research support from their institution.

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