Expanding the Inclusivity and Outreach of the Digital Fieldwork Scholarly Network


Political scientists may have been pushed to learn the tools and techniques for digital fieldwork during the pandemic, but these methodologies are not new. Advances in information and communication technologies over the past two decades have made it possible to conduct digital fieldwork, where scholars collect and generate data and evidence using cellular or web-based technologies and platforms. Digital fieldwork offers many opportunities to expand diversity, equity and inclusion in the discipline but also presents new challenges. It is essential to facilitate a conversation about how to use these new data collection approaches in political science. With the APSA Special Projects Fund  grant, we aim to increase the inclusivity of the Digital Fieldwork (DFW) website and scholarly network by reaching out to liberal arts colleges, smaller research universities, and applied political science organizations in the U.S. and Global South. We will expand research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students who join our collaborative team. And we plan to broaden the disciplinary dialogue through new webinars, APSA meeting roundtables, and publications.

Amount: $15,500