Pre-Law Advising and the Political Science Major

Pre-Law Advising and the Political Science Major: Evidence from Pre-Law Advisors Gibbs Knotts and Claire B. Wofford Political science is one of the most popular majors for law school applicants, and studies show that political […]


The Fieldwork of Quantitative Data Collection

Francesca Refsum Jensenius,  Norwegian Institute of International Affairs For many political scientists, fieldwork means conducting focus groups in villages, attending campaign rallies, or interviewing political elites in government offices. When I present the mainly quantitative […]

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PS: Political Science and Politics

An Interesting Bias: Lessons from an Academic’s Year as a Reporter

David Niven, University of Cincinnati Most rigorous studies conclude that there is no consistent partisan or ideological bias in the mainstream American news media. This suggests a natural but little-asked question: Why isn’t there more […]