Four Costly Signaling Mechanisms

Four Costly Signaling Mechanisms By Kai Quek, University of Hong Kong Two mechanisms of costly signaling are known in international relations: sinking costs and tying hands. I show that there exist four mechanisms of costly […]


Chart of the Month: Political Science in the 2020s

What was the past decade like for political science undergraduate completions? Political science undergraduate degree completions were in decline from 2012-2016. 2016 to 2018 saw slight positive growth, propelled by the number of women completing […]


Chart of the Month: Who is driving the rise in political science degree completions? Women.

Over the last decade, the gap in all undergraduate degrees completed by women over men has continued to grow modestly.  Since 2015, the gap in all undergraduate degrees completed in political science by men over women began to shrink modestly. Starting in 2016, this gender gap […]