APSA Programs

Campus Teaching Award Winner: Alison Dana Howard

Excellence in teaching political science is essential to the discipline. This interview series highlights campus teaching award winners who have been recognized by the American Political Science Association (APSA) for their achievements. If you or […]

Annual Conference

Nominations Open for the 2016 APSA Campus Teaching Awards Recognition

Each year, colleges and universities across the country nominate and distribute awards for teaching on campus, for everything from innovation in new teaching methods, to student-selected awards, to recognition for lifetime achievements. APSA would like […]

May Katzenstein Receives Goodnow Award

Video: 2015 Frank J. Goodnow Award

The Goodnow Award recognizes distinguished service to the profession and the Association, by necessarily a career of scholarship. This service may be by individuals, groups, and public and private organizations who have played a role […]