Welcome to PoliticalSciencenow

There’s been a great deal of discussion about what we want PSNow to be. Actually, that discussion is still happening.

We want this to be a place where people can easily share content and interact with that content. That content will be in traditional forms but will also be in video, audio and podcasts. Really anything that we think is important or that people can use.

We want PSNow to be a place where we talk about our members and people in Political Science. We’ll talk about APSA, too. But, we’ll do it in a different way than we normally do and invite people to comment.

We’ll post short snippets that lead to other websites and post longform original content of our own around topics in the field. We want to promote the work that’s being done by APSA journals and also highlight some of the research being done that’s not in the journals. Things that might be more timely or didn’t fit into the journals. We’ll talk about training, professional development, conferences and lots of other things.

We hope you’ll help us evolve the site and where it goes. That’s the main thing to remember. This website, like most, will be in a constant state of evolution.

You’ll see a link title “Tell us your story” in the navigation bar. I encourage you to do just that. Let us know about a special award, project or person. I can’t promise we’ll publish everything, but us knowing about it is the first step. There’s a lot going on in the world of Political Science. We’re just trying to help everyone keep up.

Let the conversation begin!