Short Course: Successful Pre-law Advising in Today’s Legal Environment

Successful Pre-law Advising in Today’s Legal Environment

Mahalley Allen
Half Day, 1:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Palais des congrés de Montréal, 512G

This short course is designed for both new and more advanced pre-law advisors and also faculty working with students interested in a legal career. Presenters will share their knowledge and experiences of pre-law advising and discuss a variety of topics, including the foundations and best practices of pre-law advising, LSAC resources and access to additional pre-law advisor resources, LSAT preparation considerations, and application components and timeline. Presenters will also share advising strategies to support first-generation students, low-income students, students of color, and undocumented students in the law school application process.

In this course, we hope to engage in conversation among pre-law advisors about how to best support students interested in a legal career. Further discussion topics may include: changes in the legal job market; financial decisions and paying for law school; undergraduate and law school experiential learning opportunities; pre-law advising in the context of undergraduate education; and pre-law advising conferences as a source of networking and knowledge; among other relevant topics surrounding pre-law advising and law school.