Short Course: How to Run a Survey of Local Government Officials

How to Run a Survey of Local Government Officials

Sara Guenther
Half Day, 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Palais des congrés de Montréal, 512F

In this workshop, Dr. Nathan Lee and Dr. Sara Guenther of CivicPulse will offer an overview of strategies and best practices for conducting surveys of local government officials. Topics covered will include challenges of collecting local government data, such as consolidating decentralized contact information for local government officials and maintaining the sustainability of the sample given a limited population. We will discuss common critiques of the data and offer suggestions for how to address them, including strategies for increasing response rates since incentives commonly used in surveys of other populations cannot be applied to surveys of local government officials. Finally, we will provide an overview of research services offered by CivicPulse and highlight where we see major opportunities for using survey data of local government officials to advance important questions related to politics, public policy, and public administration. Workshop participants will have the option to get direct feedback on prospective research designs and questionnaires.