Meet Minority Fellowship Program Recipient Kenisha Gransberry

The following student was named as 2016-2017 APSA Minority Fellowship Program recipient during the fall 2015 application cycle. These fellows plan on entering a PhD program in political science in the fall of 2016.

gransberryKenisha Gransberry is a graduating senior majoring in political science and minoring in History. She is very active in the political science department serving as the president of the Model United Nations Club, where they have won several awards for the last three years. In addition to working in her major field, Kenisha currently serves as the Student Government Association president. Given her leadership and passion for political science, she believes that her experiences will prepare her for the advancement the field. Ms. Gransberry hopes to pursue a Masters and Ph.D. in political science, and to utilize the foundation of these degrees to impact her community on the state and national level, through public service as a senator and through advocacy.

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