New Editor of Politics and Gender, Mary Caputi

Mary Caputi, New Editor of Politics and Gendercaputi_web

“I believe that there is more richness and resonance surrounding both the terms “politics” and “gender” that can be explored in ways that widen the purview of topics of interest to an untapped reading audience.  Both terms operate on numerous levels and carry an amplitude of layered meanings.  My job as editor would be to seek out articles that explore those levels of meaning both within and beyond the conventional understanding of how politics and gender interrelate.” – Mary Caputi

politics_-genderPolitics & Gender is an agenda-setting journal that publishes the highest quality scholarship on gender and politics and on women and politics. It aims to represent the full range of questions, issues, and approaches on gender and women across the major subfields of political science, including comparative politics, international relations, political theory, and U.S. politics. The Editor welcomes studies that address fundamental questions in politics and political science from the perspective of gender difference, as well as those that interrogate and challenge standard analytical categories and conventional methodologies. Members of the Women and Politics Research Section of the American Political Science Association receive the journal as a benefit of membership.