Meet APSA Centennial Center Scholars, Saaz Taher and Daniela Heimpel

Saaz Taher and Daniela Heimpel share their experience as APSA Centennial Center Scholars, and how a grant from the Alma Ostrom and Leah Hopkins Awan Civic Education Fund supported their project, “The Challenges of Pluralism.”

From October 2014 to April 2015, we organized a series of six roundtables in political theory on “The Challenges of Pluralism” at the University of Montreal. As part of this project, around 20 leading researchers from Quebec / Canada, the US and Europe were exchanging on issues related to diversity and equally observable, in one way or another, across diverse liberal democratic societies: cultural pluralism and models like multiculturalism and interculturalism; religious diversity and « laïcité”; feminism and intersectionality; citizenship and recognition; civic education; as well as political integration beyond national borders (European Union).

Following the principle of collaborative research, the project was aimed at discussing these issues both in their respective contexts and in a more systematic and theoretic way to give an all-embracing view on “The Challenges of Pluralism”. We are grateful to the Centennial Center and to all our partners for their generous support for the project.

— Saaz Taher and Daniela Heimpel

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