Meet 2022 RBSI Scholar, Neelam Bandhu, California State University, Sacramento

Neelam Bandhu, California State University, Sacramento

Neelam Bandhu is a first generation college student attending California State University, Sacramento (CSUS). She is double majoring in Ethnic Studies with a concentration in Asian American Studies, and Criminal Justice with a minor in Political Science. She upholds many responsibilities on campus that coincide with her involvement as President of Ethnic Studies Student Association. She is currently conducting research regarding K-12 education, higher education, education policies and more as a fellow for the Pathways Fellowship Program. Neelam has outstanding qualities that are showcased through her academic standing such as making the Dean’s Honor List multiple times. She has demonstrated her dedication and commitment outside of her academics through various volunteer experiences and advocacy as a student lobbyist, activist, and scholar. She has presented herself as the face of Ethnic Studies at CSUS through an article that was published by the State Hornet on the fight for California Assembly Bill 1460. Neelam will be incorporating a student narrative through a future journal issue, AAPI Nexus, concerning the fight and implementation process for AB1460 at CSUS along with several plans she will be accomplishing throughout her academic career. Her research interest includes political rhetoric regarding minority communities and the consequences they face in addition to researching areas associated with international and comparative politics, policy, and leadership developments. Ultimately, Neelam’s intention is to acquire as much experience as she can while strengthening her abilities as a student so she can further her education in a public policy doctoral program.

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