Meet 2022 RBSI Scholar, Michelle Kamara, Morgan State University

Michelle Kamara, Morgan State University

Michelle Kamara is a junior at Morgan State University studying political science. She is a third-year track and field student-athlete. She is on the Dean’s list and is a three-time All-Academic Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference member. She has received academic achievement awards such as the Residential Scholar Award, Athletic Scholar Award, Political Science Department Academic Award, and the Athletic Director Honor Roll. She is the President of the Pre-Law Association, Treasurer of the Muslim Student, an inducted Pi-Sigma Alpha member, and an active member of the Political Science Association. She has conducted a group case study with the NFL where she was able to bring the law perspective into geo-tracking. Michelle was raised in Coyah, Guinea where she witnessed many injustices and human rights violations. Her experience in Guinea has influenced her interest in human rights law as she aims to advocate for people who have suffered from injustices. She aims to shed light on current human rights violations and protect the rights of the most vulnerable and marginalized populations. Michelle is currently researching the root causes of female genital mutilations in Guinea and their effects on young girls and women. She is also a volunteer for the International Refugee Committee Youth Program in Silver Spring where she tutors refugee students. Post-graduation, Michelle aims to pursue a joint degree in international human rights law.

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