Meet 2022 RBSI Scholar, Blessyn Marcelle, Temple University

Blessyn Marcelle, Temple University

Blessyn Marcelle is a first-generation rising senior at Temple University majoring in political science with a minor in criminal justice. She is also a member of the national political science honor society, Pi Sigma Alpha. Blessyn is passionate about gender politics, the backlash of neo-colonization, and following trends pertaining to the global economy. Her research objectives have been centered around class/gender conflict within the Middle East, the effects of globalization on the “developing” world, and critical race theory as it pertains to protest politics. She has conducted multiple surveys on campus safety at her North Philadelphia school and took part in research exploring trends in decolonization among the Caribbean and Latin American countries. Blessyn is honored to be a part of the RSBI and its objective of promoting students from backgrounds that are under-represented in academia. After graduation, Blessyn plans on continuing with higher education by entering a dual JD/Ph.D. program.

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