Meet 2020 APSR Editor, Celeste Montoya of University of Colorado Boulder

Celeste Montoya is Associate Professor of Political Science and Women & Gender Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder. Her research focuses on how marginalized groups mobilize to enact change, within and outside of political institutions, domestically and transnationally. Her work is informed by studies of social movements, public policy, political institutions, as well as feminist and critical race theory. Her regional specializations include Europe and the United States. She is author of From Global to Grassroots: The European Union, Transnational Advocacy, and Combating Violence against Women (Oxford University Press 2013) and co-editor with Jill Irvine and Sabine Lang of Gendered Mobilization and Intersectional Challenges: Contemporary Social Movements in Europe and North America (ECPR Press 2019). She has served on the editorial team of Politics, Groups and Identities and as an associate editor of Politics & Gender. She has served within APSA as the Co-Chair of the Committee on the Status of Latinos y Latinas in the Profession, a member of the Committee on the Status of First Generation Scholars in the Profession, and on the executive boards of the Women and Politics Research Section and the Women’s Caucus.

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  1. And she is an amazing person – warm, loving, friendly. I’m so proud of her!

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