Geopolitics of Knowledge in the Covid-19 Era: A Policy Window for Epistemic Tension and Self-Determination in Africa?


The Covid-19 pandemic is a critical juncture in how knowledge is created and disseminated globally with different implications and outcomes for different geographies. It provides an opportunity to question how knowledge is gained or lost on subjects and objects in different social and geopolitical spaces with focus on Africa as both a consumer and producer of knowledge. To be clear, emerging studies show that the Covid-19 pandemic and its dynamics have been a signpost of a distributive unfairness, inequality and discrimination in creating and disseminating epistemic goods. This conference therefore intends to explore the covid-19 era as both a moment of global epistemic tension and a powerful policy window for epistemic freedom. This tension is based on a plural temporality of knowledge and truth regimes articulating covid-19 to other health crisis and reflecting on the origins, the construction, and the circulations of knowledge. From a trans-disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspective, the geopolitics of knowledge creation, dissemination and acceptance can be explored around three key questions:

  • What are the forms and expressions of global epistemic tensions in knowledge production around the Covid-19 pandemic?
  • What are the terms and modalities of African epistemic resistance and how is it contributing in the dignifying of African knowledge?
  • Is there any new distribution of the credibility economy?

The proposed AAPS 2023 biennial conference aims to bring together contributions from related disciplines with the intended outcome of an edited book volume.

Amount: $25,000