Diversity & Inclusion Program Spotlight: Women in Political Science

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University of Florida: Women in Political Science

Women in Political Science (WiPS) was founded by a group of women PhD students in our department and seeks to provide women in the graduate program with professional development and networking opportunities, work/life balance seminars, information on publishing and navigating the tenure stream.

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Academic Population Served: Graduate students, faculty
Specific Groups Served:  women, individuals from underrepresented groups
Program Goals: Recruitment
Number of staff or faculty involved with the program: 1
Which college or university unit is primarily responsible for this program? Department, College of Liberal Arts and Science
Program time frame: 2-3 Years
For how long has this program been in existence?  Since September 2016
Program Impact: With strong support from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, WiPS has received financial support for a women’s speaker series extending at least through the 2018-19 academic year.
Contact: Dr. Benjamin Smith, (bbsmith@ufl.edu) Diversity Liaison and UF Research Foundation Professor, University of Florida