Theme Panel: Congress and President Trump in an Age of Discontent

Congress and President Trump in an Age of Discontent

As polarization and gridlock continue to hold their grip over the U.S. Congress, Americans’ approval of and confidence in their national legislature remain near historic lows. It is safe to say that Americans’ discontent with Congress remains high. Indeed, discontent with U.S. politics more generally was on full display in the 2016 presidential election, with President Donald Trump winning an unprecedented victory by promising to “drain the swamp.” This roundtable assembles leading scholars of the U.S. Congress to provide their observations on the current state of Congress, in the age of President Trump. Among other topics, these scholars will discuss what they view as the causes and consequences of this discontent, and what lies ahead for the U.S. Congress as it relates to governing and representation during the Trump presidency.

Gregory Koger, University of Miami (Chair)
Sarah Binder, GWU / Brookings Institution (Presenter)
Steven S. Smith, Washington University in St. Louis (Presenter)
Sean M. Theriault, University of Texas, Austin (Presenter)
Jennifer L. Lawless, American University (Presenter)