Congratulations to APSA Organized Section Award Recipients (Sections 42-50)

In an effort to bring attention to exceptional scholarship, many of APSA Organized Sections have established awards. Currently there are more than 100 such awards honoring dissertations, papers, articles, books and career achievement. Winners are generally selected by member committees appointed by the chair or executive committee of the section. The organized section recognize winners at their annual business meetings, which are held in conjunction with the APSA Annual Meeting.


Section Name Name of Award and Recipient
Section 42: Experimental Research
  • Best Dissertation Award Co-recipient: Natalia Garbiras Díaz, European University Institute Co-recipient: Erin Rossiter, University of Notre Dame Co-recipient: Anna Wilke, University of California, Berkeley
  • Best Paper Award Recipients: Nicholas Haas, Aarhus University and Emmy Lindstam, University of Mannheim
  • Best Book Award Co-recipients: James Druckman, Northwestern University and Donald P. Green, University of California, Berkeley Co-recipients: Cigdem Sirin, University of Texas at El Paso; Nicholas Valentino, University of Michigan; Jose Villalobos, University of Texas at El Paso
  • Rebecca Morton Award for Best JEPS Article Recipients: Donghyun Danny Choi, Brown University; Mathias Poertner, London School of Economics; Nicholas Sambanis, University of Pennsylvania
  • Best Article with a Preregistration in JEPS Award Recipients: James N Druckman, Northwestern University; Samara Klar, University of Arizona; Yanna Krupnikov, Stony Brook University; Matthew Levendusky, University of Pennsylvania; John Barry Ryan, Stony Brook University
  • Best Replication in JEPS Award Recipients: Jared McDonald, Stanford University and James Igoe Walsh, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Section 43: Migration and Citizenship
  • Best Book Award Recipient: Lamis Elmy Abdelaaty, Syracuse University
  • Best Article Award Recipients: Yang-Yang Zhou, University of British Columbia and Andrew Shaver, University of California, Merced
  • Best Dissertation Award Recipient: Victoria Finn, European University Institute
  • Best Graduate Student Paper Recipient: Samuel D. Schmidt, University of Lucerne
Section 44: African Politics Conference Group
  • Lynne Rienner Best Dissertation Award Recipient: Delanyo Kpo, Princeton University
  • Best Article Recipient: Elizabeth Wellman, Williams College and University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
Section 45: Class and Inequality
  • Best Paper Award Recipient: Chenoa Yorgason, Stanford University
  • Best Paper on Entrepreneurship and Inclusion
      • Faculty Award Recipients: Allison Spencer Hartnett, University of Southern California and Mohamed Saleh, University of Toulouse Capitole
      • Graduate Student Award Recipient: Adaugo Pamela Nwakanma, Harvard University
      • Best Paper on Economic and Social Inequality Recipient: Nirvikar Jassal, Stanford University
      • Best Dissertation on Class and Inequality Recipient: Michael E. Shepherd Jr., University of Texas at Austin
      • Best Book on Class and Inequality Recipient: Andreas Wiedemann, Princeton University


Section 46: Ideas, Knowledge and Politics
  • Best Book Award Recipient: Jeffrey Friedman, Harvard University
Section 47: American Political Thought
  • Best Book in American Political Thought Recipient: Emily Pears, Claremont McKenna College
  • Best Article in American Political Thought Recipient: Cara J. Rogers, Ashland University
Section 48: International Collaboration
  • Best Article Award Recipient: Sam S Rowan, Concordia University, Canada
  • Best Book Award Co-recipient: Jeff Colgan, Brown University Co-recipient: Simone Dietrich, University of Geneva Switzerland
  • Best Dissertation Award Recipient: Richard T. Clark, Columbia University Honorable Mention: Alexandra Cecylia Chinchilla, University of Chicago
  • Distinguished Mentor Award Recipient: Brett Ashley Leeds, Rice University
Section 49: Middle East and North Africa Politics
  • Best Book on MENA Politics
    • Senior
      Co-recipient: Mona El-Ghobashy, New York University Co-recipient: Khalid Mustafa Medani, McGill University
    • Junior (PhD in last 10 years)
      Co-recipient: Avital Livny, University of Illinois Co-recipient: Raphaël Lefèvre, University of Oxford
  • Best Article Recipient: Sarah Parkinson, Johns Hopkins University Honorable Mention: Lisel Hintz, Johns Hopkins-SAIS
  • Best Dissertation on MENA Politics Recipient: Jannis Grimm, Freie Universität Berlin Honorable Mention: Steven Schaaf, University of Mississippi:
  • Best Fieldwork Recipient: Dina Bishara, Cornell University
  • Best Original Dataset Recipient: Neil Ketchley, University of Oslo and Thoraya El-Rayyes, London School of Economics
Section 50: Civic Engagement
  • Established Leader Award Recipient: Peter Levine, Tufts University
  • Outstanding Civic Engagement Project Recipient: YMCA Citizen Scholar Partnership from the University of South Florida-St. Petersburg
  • Best Paper Award Recipient: Andrew Smith, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Section 51: Education Politics and Policy
  • Best Education Politics and Policy Dissertation Recipient: Susanne Garritzmann, University of Konstanz
  • Best Book on Education Politics and Policy Recipients: Marius Busemeyer, University of Konstanz; Julian Garritzmann, Goethe University Frankfurt; Erik Neimanns, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies
  • Best Paper on Education Politics and Policy Recipients: James Druckman, Northwestern University and Elizabeth Sharrow, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

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