Chart of the Month: 3 Ways to Visualize the 2018-2019 Fall/Winter Job Market

Do you find the May Chart of the Month visualizations interesting and want to read more about eJobs? Here are 3 reasons you should read the APSA eJobs report if you care about the job market:

  1. The peak timing (in August), number, and annual distribution of eJobs ads is stable over the long-term, indicating its status as a clearinghouse for academic positions in political science.
  2. Trends in academic subfields for new positions in political science may not surprise you (IR, American, and Comparative are hiring), or may indeed surprise you (it’s not entirely about methods; Race, gender, and ethnic studies positions advertised are comparable in number).
  3. Most positions advertised at eJobs are tenure-track positions, but we do not know what percentage of these are filled each year (yet).

For more information, read the APSA 2018-2019 Fall/Winter eJobs Report.