Call for Reflections on Sexual Harassment, Misconduct, or Assault in the Field of Political Science

The Journal of Political Science Education is soliciting papers for its peer reviewed Reflections Section (1000-2000 words) focusing on sexual harassment, misconduct, or assault in the field of political science.  In light of the ongoing national discussion on sexual harassment, we are looking for contributions that relate to the teaching and learning of political science at all levels and which may discuss the following:

  1. The impact of harassment on students (undergraduate or graduate) that limits or harms their ability to effectively learn
  2. The impact of harassment on faculty at all levels and at all institutions that hinders their ability to teach political science regardless of course
  3. How to cover appropriate material on sexual harassment in appropriate courses
  4. How to assist and mentor students who may have been subject to harassment or misconduct, including providing resources for victims and strategies to respond to complaints
  5. How to ensure instructors understand the most ethical ways to interact with their colleagues and students

We are interested in submissions from everyone from full professors to graduate students, to anyone else that has relevant insights to contribute for the profession. Personal narratives must be completely anonymous. We cannot accept any submissions that report situations of sexual harassment that are under investigation. The deadline is February 1, 2018. Please see more submission details here: Feel free to contact any of the editors if you have questions.

Please note: This call for submissions is not a means for submitting a grievance or complaint. If you feel that you have been the victim of sexual harassment or misconduct and you would like to submit a grievance, please contact the APSA Committee on Professional Ethics, Rights, and Freedoms directly, at To view a list of related resources please visit APSA’s sexual harassment resource page or consult with your home institution’s resource which deals with harassment issues. Read APSA’s Sexual Harassment Policy statement.