APSA Statement on F-1 Visa Restrictions for Remote Coursework

The American Political Science Association strongly urges the U.S Department of Homeland Security to rescind its temporary final rule to restrict the ability of students with F-1 visas to remain in the United States while pursuing their studies remotely. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s policy will cause extreme upheaval and uncertainty for students. Students’ ability to reside and study in the United States—on campus or off—should not be tied to existing health conditions or the uncertain and evolving plans of colleges and universities.

This policy restricts the free flow of scholars, information, and ideas. The Department of Homeland Security must reinstate the temporary visa exemptions for international students for the upcoming academic year.

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  1. Also, this will discourage international student to come to the US universities in future. And let’s be honest, without international students the many universities will have to be closed. We all know how it would have detrimental effects on the US economy.

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