Active Learning Ideas: APSA Educate Resources and Strategies on Teaching the 2020 Presidential and U.S. National Elections

Political scientists share resources, reflections, and strategies to teach the 2020 Presidential and U.S. national elections. We have gathered these resources from Educate’s library, RAISE the Vote, the Journal of Political Science Education and PS: Political Science and Politics.

Educate welcomes additional submissions around teaching and the 2020 election. To submit your own resource, click on “submit a resource” on the Educate website. If you would like to write a short blog post or reflection, please contact us at

Active Learning Ideas

Discussing the 1st Presidential Debate Julia Azari (Marquette University)
American Politics Civic Games Rachel Bzostek Walker (Collin College)
Election Madness 2020 Game Eric Gonzalez Juenke (Michigan State University)
Virtual Integration in U.S. Senate Campaigns: An Active Learning Tool for Teaching American Government Jocelyn Sage Mitchell (Northwestern University in Qatar)
Students, Media and the 2020 election Steve Posner (University of Southern California)
Campaign Simulation for American Government: An Active Learning Approach to Campaigns and Elections Gayle Alberda (Fairfield University)
Cultivating Campaign Managers: A Discussion Regarding the Creation and Implementation of a Campaign Management Course Amber R. Dickinson (Oklahoma State University)
Teaching Students to Hear the Other Side: Using Web Design and Election Events to Build Empathy in the Political Science Classroom Leslie Caughell (Virginia Wesleyan University)
Using Creative Assignments to Help Students Integrate their Learning in a Campaigns and Elections Class Jeffrey L. Bernstein (Eastern Michigan University), et al.
Simulating Redistricting in the Classroom: A Binding Arbitration Decision Game Using Louisiana Census Data Peter Miller (Brennan Center for Justice), Steven Kimbrough (University of Pennsylvania), and Johanna Schact (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

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