First Generation Scholars

Meet Glen Billesbach, 2020 First Generation Scholar in the Profession

Glen Billesbach is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Political Science at the University of Florida where he studies political theory and international relations. His research interests include critical, historical, and theoretical approaches to technology and […]

American Political Science Review

When Do Governments Make It Possible for Emigrants to Vote?

In the APSA Public Scholarship Program, graduate students in political science produce summaries of new research in the American Political Science Review. This piece, written by Kumar Ramanathan, covers the new article by Elizabeth Iams […]

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APSA Educate

Announcing the Political Science Educator

Educate is pleased to announce a partnership with in the Political Science Educator. Going forward, Educate will publish the newsletter’s featured essays, Teacher Scholar Column, and other timely announcements. The Political Science Educator (PSE) is […]