Meet Glen Billesbach, 2020 First Generation Scholar in the Profession

Glen Billesbach is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Political Science at the University of Florida where he studies political theory and international relations. His research interests include critical, historical, and theoretical approaches to technology and environmental politics. Glen’s current project explores the impact of climate change science on political action. In it, he attempts to amplify neglected theories of technology to better assess the role of institutions such as the IPCC. Before becoming a Florida Gator, he earned degrees at Iowa Western Community College, Richmond the American International University in London, the University of Nebraska Omaha, and the London School of EconomicsWhile completing these degrees, Glen was engaged as a leader in several organizations. At UF, he serves as the treasurer and department representative in the union (Graduate Assistants United) and organizes a political theory workshop series for students and faculty (UF Political Theory Workshop). After completing his PhD, Glen hopes to craft a career in academia where he can spend his time doing what he loves: teaching political theory, researching technology and the environment, and working to improve educational opportunities for low-income and minority students. 

About the APSA First Generation Scholar in the Profession Accessibility Grant
In 2015, the APSA Executive Council approved a new standing Committee on First Generation Higher Education Scholars in the Profession, parallel to the existing APSA status committees. The goal is to bring focused attention to the ways in which class, economic inequality, and mobility can affect political scientists’ ability to thrive educationally and professionally, perhaps throughout their careers. The APSA Committee on the Status of First Generation Scholars matched contributions that were made to the APSA Annual Fund during one week in October 2020 to support the professional development support of first gen scholars in the profession. Learn more.