Theme Panel: Title IX at 50: Politics of Sex, Gender, & Gender Identity in U.S. Public Policy

Title IX at 50: Politics of Sex, Gender, & Gender Identity in U.S. Public Policy

Co-sponsored by Women’s Caucus for Political Science

(Chair) Dara Z. Strolovitch, Yale University; (Presenter) Elizabeth A. Sharrow, University of Massachusetts Amherst; (Presenter) Deondra Rose, Duke University; (Presenter) Alison Gash, University of Oregon; (Presenter) Julie L. Novkov, University at Albany, SUNY; (Presenter) Nadia E. Brown, Georgetown University; (Presenter) Stella M. Rouse, University of Maryland, College Park

Session Description:
June 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, a landmark federal policy that bans discrimination “on the basis of sex” in American education. This panel brings together leading experts in political science on the politics of sex and gender in public policy to discuss its uneven legacy.

Over the past fifty years, the implementation of Title IX has dramatically altered educational and athletic opportunities in American education at all levels. Yet evidence of gendered inequalities remains. What are the intersectional stakes of this gendered public policy for cisgender and trans girls and women? For non-binary and genderfluid people? How and why have the benefits of Title IX accrued to some marginalized groups and not others? What role does public policy play in shaping collective identities, individual opportunities, and systems of both inclusion and oppression? How have the gendered politics in and around Title IX shaped our understandings of the meanings of sex itself? How might the questions we bring to bear on evaluating the policy’s legacies shape possibilities for its political future?

Scholars on this roundtable will share their research expertise on public policy, gender and sports, #MeToo activism, race and gender in higher education, transgender and LGBQ+ inclusion more generally. We will reflect upon and evaluate the status and future of gender politics in light of Title IX.

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