Theme Panel: Theoretical Implications of Empirical Models

Theoretical Implications of Empirical Models

In-Person Full Paper Panel

Co-sponsored by Division 51: Experimental Research


  • (Chair) Federica Izzo, UCSD;
  • (Discussant) Konstantinos Matakos, King’s College London


  • Theoretical Implications of Empirical Models: An Application to Conflict Studies
    Scott Tyson, University of Rochester; Jessica Sun, Emory University
  • Ideology, Electability, and Valence
    Scott Abramson, University of Rochester; Korhan Kocak, Princeton University; Asya Magazinnik, Princeton University
  • Priming Self-Reported Partisanship: Implications for Survey Design and Analysis
    Brendan Pablo Montagnes, Emory University; Zachary F. Peskowitz, Emory University; Kaylyn Jackson Schiff, Emory University
  • Doors and Perceptions: Motivations, Beliefs, and Returns to Canvassing
    Clement Minaudier, University of Vienna