Theme Panel: Muslims in the American Imagination

Muslims in the American Imagination

Negative portrayals of Muslims have been on the rise in the United States in recent years, and reached a fever pitch in the 2016 election. The papers on this panel investigate these developments, focusing especially on interactions between media and other elite depictions on the one hand, and popular conceptions of Muslims on the other. Both individually and together, these studies contribute substantially to research on Muslim American politics, media effects, and American politics in comparative perspective.

Brian R. Calfano, University of Cincinnati (Chair)
Emily Cury, (Discussant)
Aubrey Westfall, Virginia Wesleyan College (Discussant)

Tolerance Uncovered: How Frequency of News Exposure Affects Tolerance of Groups
Anwar Hijaz-Schreim, University of California, Riverside (Author)

The “Others”: The Dehumanization and Political Isolation of Muslim Americans
Nazita Lajevardi, UCSD (Author)

Real and Imagined Muslims in India and America
Laura Dudley Jenkins, University of Cincinnati (Author)

Muslim American Isolation: Anxiety, Fear, and Segregation
Kassra AR Oskooii, University of Delaware (Author)
Nazita Lajevardi, UCSD (Non-Presenting Co-Author)