2017 Fund for Latino Scholarship Applications Due June 15th – Meet Scholar David Cortez

Apply for the 2017 APSA Fund for Latino Scholarship by June 15th!

Support from the APSA Fund for Latino Scholarship assisted 2016 recipient, David Cortez‘s (who recently accepted a postdoctoral position at Princeton University and a tenure track assistant professor position at the University of Notre Dame starting in 2018) travel to the 2016 APSA Annual Meeting. He presented a chapter of his dissertation entitled, “Broken Mirrors: Identity, Duty, and Belonging in the New La(tino) Migra.” David credits the fund’s support for his ability to attend numerous panels, roundtables, business meetings, and receptions. He says he, “received a timely reminder that I am part of a broader, growing community of scholars-of-color.”

The Fund’s primary goal is to encourage and support the recruitment, retention, and promotion of Latina/o political scientists (especially students and tenure track junior faculty); our secondary goal is to support research on Latino politics in the United States (especially students and tenure track junior faculty). Grants will be made to individuals, institutions, and projects whose purposes most clearly match the goals of the Fund, and whose proposals most persuasively demonstrate capacity for successful completion. The Fund for Latino Scholarship is an APSA Centennial Center Research Grant.

Apply now for the 2017 APSA Fund for Latino Scholarship. Applications are due on Thursday, June 15, 2017. Questions about applications may be submitted by email to latinofund@apsanet.org.