The Research Enterprise in the Middle East and North Africa: Ethics & Advising

How should doctoral students and early career scholars be sensitized to the ethical concerns that attend research in communities under duress—among refugees, in conflict zones or autocracies? Drawing on work underway by an interdisciplinary team of social scientists who work in and on the Middle East and North Africa (REMENA: ) as well as on APSA’s own MENA section and program, this project will hold two workshops to explore mechanisms to support Political Science faculty advisors in this effort. The first workshop, to be held in conjunction with the planned APSA-MENA conference in Jordan in July 2022, will engage political scientists associated with REMENA in exploring navigating ethical challenges in designing and conducting research with workshop participants. The second workshop, to be held at the 2022 APSA Annual Meeting in Montreal, will bring together PhD candidates anticipating or already conducting work on the Middle East with experienced faculty researchers and invited Directors of Graduate Studies to examine advising and mentoring processes that facilitate awareness of ethical obligations in research. Reports on the workshops will be published by the APSA-MENA newsletter, posted on the REMENA website and disseminated in the region through Al-Fanar, an online newsletter on higher education in the region.

Amount: $25,000