Theme Panel: The Big Next Questions in Gender and Politics


Theme Panel: The Big Next Questions in Gender and Politics

Thu, September 1, 2:00 to 3:30pm

In the midst of so many other “great transformations,” one of the major transformations of the past century has concerned the varied and multiple political impacts of gender. These impacts are separate from, and transcend, more obvious and more widely reported changes, such as the recent, slow rise of numbers of women as heads of government, appointed to cabinet positions, and elected to parliaments and legislatures. This panel seeks to explore the persistence of gender (a characteristic and shaper of individuals, organizations, structures, and processes) as a factor in various transformations: war and conflict, the second and third waves of democratization, shifting social, economic, and political equality, and so on. Examples include women’s political empowerment and organizing, the gendered nature and impacts of war, conflict, and militarization, and gendered policy and representational struggles around issues of social justice.

This roundtable raises for discussion, and has, as an explicit agenda, identifying the next big questions in gender and politics research. What are the next big gendered political transformations and what questions should we ask? How has gender changed the process, the outcomes, and the understanding of politics, worldwide?

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Karen Beckwith, Case Western Reserve University

Lisa Baldez, Dartmouth College
Kanisha Bond, University of Maryland, College Park
Nancy J. Hirschmann, University of Pennsylvania
Meryl Kenny, University of Edinburgh
Aili Mari Tripp, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Christina Wolbrecht