Scope Conditions Podcast

Scope Conditions is a popular academic podcast showcasing cutting-edge research by emerging scholars in the broad field of comparative politics. Hosted by political scientists Alan Jacobs and Yang-Yang Zhou, Scope Conditions ranges widely across themes, regions of the world, and historical periods. In each episode, we interview the author of a recent or forthcoming book or new article that advances the state of knowledge in an important way.

We ask our guests about both substance and method: what these scholars have found, and importantly, how they have found it. We talk with our guests about their motivation for pursuing the project; the argument that they advance; the research design and data-collection; the empirical findings; and the broad implications of those findings for public policy and for our understanding of the political world. Unlike existing academic podcasts, we do a deeper dive into the research process – the “aha” moments and bumps along the road.

When inviting guests, we look for diversity in topic as well as diversity in the scholars’ backgrounds.  We are committed to using our platform as a way to highlight historically underrepresented voices. Scope Conditions’ intended audience includes researchers, educators, graduate and advanced undergraduate students, and policy practitioners with an interest in the social scientific study of politics around the world.

Amount: $12,800