2017 RBSI Applications due Jan. 20th—Alumni Nicole Bauer Shares Her RBSI Experience

Nicole Bauer, Graduate Teaching Assistant

University of Nebraska–Lincoln
RBSI Class of 2011

“I really am indebted to the RBSI for helping me prepare for my current successes. First, I was not fully convinced that I wanted/needed to go on to pursue a graduate degree. Ultimately, the fellowship informed my decision and helped prepare me for my MA program. The experience gave me valuable strategic insight and practical experience that made my transition to graduate school go smoothly. Second, I learned to overcome my fear of numbers. Because RBSI exposed me to quantitative research methodologies, statistics, and computational modeling, I gained the confidence I needed to fully embrace these subject areas that I had previously avoided. Now I take advance statistics modeling for fun, and I find it completely empowering. Finally–and arguably most importantly–I gained a context for understanding race in American politics that helped me better frame and understand my own racial and ethnic identity. One memorable aspect of the program was the opportunity to immerse myself in a graduate experience. I appreciated the faculty, staff, and GTAs who were available to answer my questions and provide a detailed picture of what graduate school would be like. These all helped me make a better informed decision.”

Apply for the 2017 Ralph Bunche Summer Institute Program.  The RBSI Program will be accepting applications until January 20, 2017. Click here to apply now.

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