Pre-Law Advising and the Political Science Major

PSC 492 Cover_PosterPre-Law Advising and the Political Science Major: Evidence from Pre-Law Advisors

Gibbs Knotts and Claire B. Wofford

Political science is one of the most popular majors for law school applicants, and studies show that political science majors have high rates of law school admission. In addition, many political science departments have a pre-law advisor. However, little is known about the status of pre-law advising on college campuses or the views of pre-law advisors on political science. This article presents the results of a February 2015 survey of 313 college pre-law advisors from across the United States. The authors discovered that the majority of pre-law advisors hold faculty appointments and serve as pre-law advisors without additional compensation or course releases. Pre-law advisors also rate political science as the second-best major, among 14 popular majors, for preparing students for both admission to and academic success in law school. These findings should be of interest to political scientists as well as other faculty and administrators who are concerned with pre-law advising.

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PS: Political Science & Politics / Volume 49 / Issue 02 / April 2016, pp 320-326 / Copyright © American Political Science Association 2016