Political Scientist Training Academy

Doctoral training in political science focuses heavily on research – collecting and analyzing data, delving into theories and literatures, and writing culminating in a dissertation. Yet, the professional life of an academic is about a much wider balance of tasks and skills: also teaching, administration, professional service, mentoring, public engagement, and more. In the PhD-by-research format that is common outside of North America, it remains rare that doctoral programs provide any formal (or even informal) training in much of what political scientists actually do on a daily basis in their careers. Moreover, while graduate training helps students develop their research skills and output, many students graduate with only a limited grasp of how to publish, let alone how to balance their independently motivated research and writing with the pressing demands of teaching and service. This balance is especially difficult to achieve in Southeast Asia, where university teaching and administrative service demands tend to be even higher and begin even earlier in one’s career than is common in North America, Europe, or Australia. This summer program will aim to address these gaps by developing knowledge and skills that will help PhD students, particularly nationals from Southeast Asia, transition to post-graduation academic careers. To facilitate access and network-building, the program will adopt a two-site hybrid structure: participants from the UK and Europe will take part at the University of Essex in England and participants from Asia and Australia at the National University of Singapore.

Amount: $25,000