Political Science Research Featured at Event Showcasing NSF-Funded Projects

On May 16, 2017, the Coalition for National Science Funding held its 23rd annual exhibition showcasing projects supported by the National Science Foundation. This year, APSA hosted the Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES), an international and collaborative project that conducts surveys to examine electoral behavior. The project is carried out in 54 countries. Dr. Georgia Kernell of the University of California, Los Angeles and Dr. Elizabeth Zechmeister of Vanderbilt University discussed the project and how they use CSES data in their scholarship. Recent publications including CSES data are available here. Attendees from congressional offices and from the NSF, including Director France Córdova, met with exhibitors at the event. The University of Michigan also exhibited political science research, featuring the American National Election Studies, a project that uses surveys to examine voting, public opinion, and political participation in the United States. Dr. Ted Brader, Dr. Vincent Hutchings, and Dr. Ken Kollman, all of the University of Michigan, discussed the work of ANES at the event.