Meet 2017 RBSI Scholar, Diana Pavon

Diana Pavon, University of Wisconsin Madison

Diana Pavon is a student at the University of Wisconsin Madison majoring in political science and Latin American Caribbean and Iberian Studies with a minor Chican and Latin studies. Diana’s campus involvement includes serving as the co-chair for La Mujer Latina, a student organization that creates an annual conference with resources for all the Madison community. She has gotten political involved as an undergraduate interning for both Senator Tammy Baldwin and State Representative Jocasta Zamarripa which allowed her access to the inner-working of the political sphere. Diana has previously conducted research for the Labor Historical Society in Madison that is developing an educational map website. She is also an open advocate against social injustice which she hopes to address these issues in her community. Diana has won the Jesus Salas Activist Scholarship for serving as an advocate in her Latino community as well. Last summer, Diana was awarded the UW Global Getaway due to high academic achievement and accomplishments. As a result, she was able to travel to Rio de Janeiro where she became educated about Brazil’s government and international law. In the future, she hopes to educate marginalized students about social inequalities and become involved in political campaigns.

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