Now Available: SAGE Handbook of Political Science

The SAGE Handbook of Political Science presents a major retrospective and prospective overview of the discipline. Comprising three volumes of contributions from expert authors from around the world, the handbook aims to frame, assess and synthesize research in the field, helping to define and identify its current and future developments. It does so from a truly global and cross-area perspective.

Edited by: Dirk Berg-Schlosser, Philipps University Marburg; Bertrand Badie, Science Po, Paris, France; Leonardo Morlino, LUISS, Italy

Chapters cover a broad range of aspects, from providing a general introduction to exploring important subfields within the discipline. Each chapter is designed to provide a state-of-the-art and comprehensive overview of the topic by incorporating cross-cutting global, interdisciplinary, and, where this applies, gender perspectives. The Handbook is arranged over seven core thematic sections:

  • Part 1: Political Theory
  • Part 2: Methods
  • Part 3: Political Sociology
  • Part 4: Comparative Politics
  • Part 5: Public Policies and Administration
  • Part 6: International Relations
  • Part 7: Major Challenges for Politics and Political Science in the 21st Century

“This handbook breaks new grounds in political science by providing distinct but connected global voices in cutting edge political science research. It will be an indispensable resource for the study of politics well into mid-century but especially in an era of unprecedented transformations and disruptions.” – Dalchoong Kim, Professor Emeritus, Yonsei University

Read the online version of the SAGE Handbook of Political Science here.