Nominations are Open for the Inaugural Theodore J. Lowi Award

theodore_j._lowiThe Theodore J. Lowi First Book Award recognizes the author of a first book in any field of political science that exemplifies qualities of broad ambition, high originality, and intellectual daring, showing promise of having a substantive impact on the overall discipline, regardless of method, specific focus of inquiry or approach to subject. The award carries a cash prize of $750.00.

APSA and IPSA (International Political Science Association) will administer the Lowi Award in alternating years. The 2016 Lowi Award will be administered by IPSA, and presented at the IPSA World Congress of Political Science in Poznań, Poland.

The Lowi Award has been established to honor Lowi’s distinctive contributions to the study of politics. Throughout a prolific and influential career, Lowi developed new understandings of the relationship of public policy to politics, the influence of institutional arrangements to the exercise of power, the role of ideology in the development of political parties, the relationship of democracy to law, the relevance of concept analysis for theory building, and more.

Nominations for the Lowi Award are open through Sunday, May 15, 2016.