Meghan Pyle Reflects on her Bree Newsome Graphic on Cover of PS Journal

PSC 492 Cover_PosterMeghan Pyle, graphic designer, shares her thoughts on the Bree Newsome graphic she created for the April 2016 cover of PS: Political Science & Politics:

“The image I created for the cover of PS: Political Science & Politics highlights the symposium on “The Changing South.”  It’s a digital illustration representing the heroic moment in 2015 when Bree Newsome removed the Confederate flag from the South Carolina State House grounds. In that moment, a symbol that represents so much division and pain in the South was physically pulled from its position of honor. One month later, South Carolina state legislators removed it permanently.

As a graphic designer, I am deeply interested in the power of symbols in visual communication, so I was eager to take on the challenge when Dr. Wayne Parent invited me to address Bree Newsome’s valiant act. In the image, the State House is simplified and reduced in size, with Bree Newsome appearing larger and more powerful in contrast. The colors are faded blues and reds to capture a fading history of the South in which white men dominate the conversation. It was an honor to be invited to illustrate this moment of political activism for PS. I hope the image captures the power of activism, and the forward motion of the changing South.”

MeghanPyleMeghan Pyle is a graduate student at Louisiana State University (LSU) where she has recently completed her first semester of LSU’s Master of Fine Arts program in Graphic Design.  As she progresses in her graduate work, she will be focusing her artwork on Street Art in the form on non-destructive graffiti, with a focus on political activism.