Meet University of Maryland Center for American Politics and Citizenship, 2017 Fund for Latino Scholarship Recipient

University of Maryland Center for American Politics and Citizenship (Institutional Award) Stella M. Rouse is an associate professor in the department of government and politics, director of the Center for American Politics and Citizenship, and associate director of the University of Maryland Critical Issues Poll at the University of Maryland. Dr. Rouse’s research and teaching interests focus on Latino politics, minority politics, millennial politics, state politics, and immigration. She is the author of the book, Latinos in the Legislative Process: Interests and Influence (Cambridge University Press, 2013)—voted as one of the best political science books of 2013 by The Huffington Post. She is currently working on her second book, titled, The Politics of Millennials: Political Beliefs and Policy Preferences of America’s Most Diverse Generation. Dr. Rouse has published articles on group dynamics and cosponsorship, religion and ethno-racial political attitudes, Latino representation and education, and millennials and immigration. Her research has been funded by the Ford Foundation and the National Science Foundation. Rouse is a native of Colombia. She fluently speaks, reads, and writes Spanish. The APSA Fund for Latino Scholarship will assist in the recruitment of a Latino undergraduate student to work as a fellow in the Center for American Politics and Citizenship, which Dr. Rouse directs. The student will have the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with faculty and graduate students to collect data, conduct research, and write scholarly research. These skills will be invaluable in preparation for pursuing a graduate education.

Learn more about the Fund for Latino Scholarship here.