Constitution Day and Citizenship Day

Sunday, September 17, 2017 is Constitution Day and Citizenship Day, which commemorates the September 1787 signing of the United States Constitution. This observance presents an opportunity for students to learn about the history and meaning of the Constitution and the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in the United States, as well as to reflect on what it means to be a U.S. citizen.

APSA has compiled selected Constitution Day and Citizenship Day resources, with links to teaching resources for educators at all levels. Other resources, including primary documents, lesson plans, interactive games, videos, and much more, have been made available by organizations such as the Annenberg Classroom, iCivics, the National Archives, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Constitution Center, and others.

There are also two APSA books on civic engagement: Teaching Civic Engagement Across the Disciplines (2017) and Teaching Civic Engagement: From Student to Active Citizen (2013). These works explain how campuses can promote high quality education for civic engagement, providing a wealth of examples of successful practices, techniques, and assessment strategies. Both books are available here at no cost.

Interested in civic engagement more broadly? Learn more about Civic Education & Engagement at APSA!