Meet the New 2019 APSA Council Members

Congratulations to the newly-elected APSA Council Members and Officers for 2019! These Council Members and Officers began their terms in September following the conclusion of the APSA Annual Meeting. The Rules and Elections Committee report on the election is available here, and you can find more information about the APSA election process here.

New 2019 APSA Council Members and Officers


Janet Box-Steffensmeier, Ohio State University

Vice President

Kerstin Hamann,University of Central Florida

Leonard Wantchekon, Princeton University

Melissa Williams, University of Toronto



Ben Ansell, University of Oxford

Erik Bleich, Middlebury College

Alexandra Filindra, University of Illinois at Chicago

Rebecca Gill, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Soo Yeon Kim, National University of Singapore

David Leal, University of Texas, Austin

Suzanna Linn, Pennsylvania State University

Melanye Price, Prairie View A&M University