Meet Nicolas Albertoni, 2020 Fund for Latino Scholarship Recipient

Nicolas Albertoni is a Ph.D. Candidate in Political Science and International Relations at the University of Southern California. His research broadly engages questions in international political economy and comparative politics with an emphasis on Latin America trade policymaking and economic integration. His dissertation project, “The Risk of Trade Protectionism in an Era of Trade Interdependences and Economic Uncertainty,” analyzes how states – especially in the developing world – have been affected by and responded to rising protectionist trends that occurred in a context of high trade interdependence (through preferential trade agreements and global value chains) and economic uncertainty. His research project bridges academics and trade policymaking and provides a roadmap for commercial policy reforms that will be essential for the successful revival of world markets post-COVID-19. He will use his award from the Fund for Latino Scholarship to fund research related to his dissertation.

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