Meet MFP Spring Fellow, Julie George of Cornell University

The APSA Minority Fellows Program, established in 1969, aims to increase diversity in the discipline of political science. The Spring MFP supports students from underrepresented backgrounds who are currently enrolled in the first or second year of a political science PhD program. Awards will range between $500 and $1500, depending on availability funds. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the APSA Minority Fellowship Program.

Meet Julie George, 2019 APSA Minority Fellowship Program Recipient

Julie George is a PhD student in the department of government at Cornell University, specializing in international relations. Broadly, her research examines the nexus of nuclear proliferation and emerging technologies, and its impact on the probability and nature of conflict and cooperation in the international system. Julie is currently coauthoring two projects: one concerning the patterns of recruitment and accession in the Missile Technology Control Regime, and the other regarding the accommodation and integration of refugees in South Asia. She is also interested in historical archives, foreign policy, wargaming, and quantitative methods. Prior to beginning her PhD at Cornell University, Julie worked at the Atlantic Council and completed a graduate fellowship at the Nonproliferation Education and Research Center (NEREC) housed at KAIST University in South Korea. Her previous work included research on nuclear and cyber security in East and South Asia. Julie has a BA and MA in political science from Boston University, where she received the Best Thesis Award.