Meet Carlos Rivera Garcia, 2020 Fund for Latino Scholarship Recipient

Carlos Rivera Garcia is currently a postdoctoral scholar at the University of California, Berkeley. Carlos received his Ph.D in psychology from the University of Essex. his research interests lie in the intersection of Political Psychology and Political Behavior. He is particularly interested in understanding the psychological processes by which the Latinx community develop and adjust their political loyalties and how their personality traits, cognitive styles, and emotions influence their political behaviors and political participation or lack thereof (e.g., voting, canvassing, volunteering, donating money, displaying sings, participating in local organizations, violent forms of protest, etc).
The APSA Fund for Latino scholarship—together with an institutional grant—will help Carlos to complete the data collection stage of his study on the psychological underpinnings of civic engagement and political participation among the Latino population in the us. His work will advance the understanding of the various forms of political participation among minority groups. Carlos aims to present the results of his research during APSA’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition.

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